Troy Innocent, Rachael Thompson, Tanya George, Paul Guseli, Dan Witton, Ros Jones

live music game

Play a game with three musicians on a pop-up stage. Wave your arms, dance about, make a sign and change the tune. Communitas is an urban play ensemble for citizen conductors of live music.

Communitas is a performance ensemble blending parklets, urban play, public artists and live musicians such as drummer Paul Guseli and singer Tanya George. Events combine a street drum kit, vocalists and trombone. A set of 'call and response' musical rules governs the performance between the performers so that music is generated in response to play. Furthermore, passers-by are invited by accompanying signage to make hand signals to the musicians prompting them to play specific musical phrases. This introduces playful interaction via a spontaneous network of conductors into the mix.